Hollis AUG450

Hollis AUG450

Vörumerki: Hollis
Vöruflokkur: AUG 450
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Hollis AUG 450 Peysa og hægt að fá buxur í stíl.

Þessi undirfatnaður hefur verið að slá í gegn hjá okkur. 


The AUG450 is the perfect combination of extra warmth with less bulk . The AUG450 is constructed of 450gm using high density and stretch fabrics using a dual layer design, allowing warm air to be trapped both in the hollow fleece fibers, and also between the two garment layers, providing the best possible thermal protection for its surprisingly low weight and bulk. Suitable for use under all types of drysuits, the AUG450 can even be combined with our other AUG undergarments for extreme cold water diving or for those who feel the cold.

The AUG450 maintains the AUG families super high wicking properties, drawing body moisture to the outside of the garment, away from the skin, keeping you dry and warm. Fully machine washable, and the wicking properties won’t be degraded by the washing cycle. The AUG 450 comes in a range of dedicated Male and Female sizing, and is sold as a separate top and bottom, allowing mix and match of sizes if required.

  • Dual layered technical fleece
  • High insulation without thickness
  • Zippered arm pocket
  • Thumb loops for easy on/off
  • Men's and women's sizing
  • Machine washable


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