Selva  Naxos C 15hp

Selva Naxos C 15hp

Vörumerki: Selva
Vöruflokkur: Selva Naxos C 15hp tvígengis
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201.613 ISK
Selva 15hp tvígengis utanborðsmótor.
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Tveggja sílendra
Fram, hlutlaus, bakkgír,
CDI kveikjukerfi,
Bensíntankur 23.l


Essential construction lines, easy to maintain and run, silent, sturdy and reliable with reduced fuel consumption and towing capacity. This twin-cylinder, in a wide range of horse powers and powers, has qualities that never cease to amaze, combined with an incredibly reasonable price. It's also available with electric ignition and fitted with a sturdy mechanism for navigating in shallow waters. For it to be appreciated there is no need to mention that Naxos is one of the most popular outboard motor in the world.
Technical Characteristics
Power Hp 15
Power Kw 11
Max. R.P.M. 5500
Motor type 2 Stroke
Swept volume c.c. 260
Bore x Stroke (mm) 58x49
N° Cylinders 2 on line
Intake ports 4 ports, with corrected crossflow
Induction 1 pump + 1 carburettor
Oil/fuel mixing Manual
Fuel Petrol + Marine oil (for specifiations and mix ratios, see user manual)
Fuel tank (L) 23
Ignition C.D.I. - Electronic capacitor discharge - fully sealed capacitor discharge for each cylinder
Ignition timing Automatic Electronic programmed to suit R.P.M.
Starting Manual
Alternator Optional 12V/70W with rectifier
Cooling Water cooled with pump-forced circulation
Exhaust Bilateral, underwater with depression by propeller
Steering system Bar with twist grip throttle control and steering friction adjustment
Type of remote control box provided Accessory, Single lever
Suspension Disk silent block
Trim adjustment 5 positions by pin location
Direction reversal Mechanical A-F-R
Transmission ratio 13/25
Available shaft versions C. - L.
Standard propeller type 3-bladed with build-in spring drive
Weight basic version (Kg) 30

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