Excel Vanguard XHD435

Vörumerki: Excel
Vöruflokkur: Vanguard XHD435
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Excel Vanguard XHD 430 Gúmmíbátur


Vandaður og sterkur gúmmíbátur hægt að fá í tveim litum.


The VANGUARD XHD430 is the optimum balance of practicality and portability, well suited to mobile Search and Rescue Teams or Quick-Response Divers.

The VANGUARD 430 can transport up to 8 personnel and boasts a max engine capacity of 30hp, whilst being easily assembled in less than 30 minutes from the boot of a car! Also popular wish fishermen, the sectioned composite aluminium deck offers unparalleled grip and stability, with plenty of room for rods and tackle or any other equipment necessary for the mission at hand.

The VANGUARD XHD430 is constructed using professional grade Hytex fabric and carries a 5 year warranty on fabric and construction.


TickHigh Pressure Keel TickSelf-Bailer TickInflation Hand Pump
TickBow Handle TickOars TickRepair Kit
TickCarrying Handles TickOar Locks TickInflate/Deflate Valves
TickRubbing Strake Fender TickCarrying Bag/s TickThwarts
TickSectioned Aluminium Floor TickPainter TickPressure Relief Valve


Overall Length 430cm
Inside Length 280cm
Overall Width 201cm
Inside Width 101cm
Tube Diameter 50cm
Chamber 3 + 1
CE Category C
Person Capacity 7
Seats Included 2
Loading Capacity 1080 kg
Max Motor Power. KW/HP 22.5 / 30
Boat Weight 93kg
Tube Packing Size (cm's) 160 x 70 x 50
Plywood Packing Size (cm's) 130 x 70 x 13
Floorboard Pattern Hard Deck
Max Air Pressure Infl. 0.25 Bar
Max Air Pressure Keel. 0.40 Bar
Max Air Pressure Floor. 0.70 Bar
Tube Fabric - Hytex 1100


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