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Björgunarvesti Stormforce C17 100N Barna

Björgunarvesti Stormforce C17 100N Barna

18.190 kr
18.190 kr
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The Stormforce C17 Black is perfect for child, lightweight and almost unnoticeable, the C17 has a flared collar so the waist does not wrap the neck of the wearer's neck.

Very light, only 690gr! Vest Cover with Cordura material. 
Color: Red. Noste: 100N (15-45kg) Shutter Release: Automatic / Manual UML MK5. Shutter release interval: 3 years. Fast-paced and spindle stem as standard. Waist circumference 1100cm. Classification: ISO12402-3 Coastal and open-sea use.

Warranty: 3 years. Country of Origin: England

product information

The Stormforce 100N Wave Barrier float is patented, the floating neck closes the neck effectively, but does not curb (Figure)

Larger 100N hose improves the swinging properties of the waistband and turns the face up.

SOLAS approved reflector surfaces and whistle spike in the float. The Cordura® fabric has been designed to withstand heavy mechanical wear, the material is also softer than traditional Nylon-coated waistcoats. Thanks to the Cordura® material, the vest is more comfortable to wear and the waist life is significantly longer.