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Kajak Bourbon 17
Kajak Bourbon 17
Kajak Bourbon 17
Kajak Bourbon 17

Kajak Bourbon 17

Point 65°N
359.990 kr
359.990 kr
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FASTER. MORE STABLE. A lean, mean, touring machine, the Bourbon 17 is the first of a new series of touring kayaks with exceptional glide, consuming mile after mile with little effort.

  • Designed for speed and stability
  • Spray cover
  • Flush Keel Rudder
  • Ergonomic Seat
  • AIR-Backrest™
  • 3 waterproof compartments
  • Tough & Light 3-Layer HDPE

THE INCREASE OF BOTH SPEED AND STABILITY makes the Bourbon 17 truly unique. A very fast touring kayak with the aggressive appearance of an adventure racing craft – and the performance to match. Using highly advanced hydrodynamic design technology, and made in 3-layer ultra tough HDPE, the Bourbon 17 has a striking stability, manoeuvrability and speed.

Great primary and secondary stability offers beginners and expedition paddlers alike a fast ride, even in the most challenging conditions. Your heaviest gear will barely slow it down – this is an ideal expedition kayak. The Bourbon17 ́s manoeuvrability is unparalleled among touring kayaks with super responsive steering through it’s unique keel rudder. The rudder is handy when winds and currents are working against you. The Bourbon 17 comes fully equipped featuring a large aft oval hatch, an easily accessible 20cm day hatch and a huge storage compartment at the front. It also features the super-comfy AIR GTX backrest and adjustable Rudder pedals as well a bottle holder, padded thigh braces and an ergonomically designed seat equipped with a soft, comfortable seat pad.

The cockpit is long and wide for achieving powerful strokes through optimal legroom as well as increased comfort during entry and exit. Also unique to the Bourbon 17 is the spray cover on the bow, accentuating its ultra sleek look while protecting your optional compass or GPS, which can be mounted in front of the cockpit.


Length: 520cm / 17’

Rear hatch:

44x26cm / 17,6”x10,4"
Width: 55cm / 21,7”

Day Hatch:

20x20cm / 7,9”x7,9"
Weight: 26kg / 57lbs


3-Layer Tech HDPE
Capacity: 155kg / 342lbs


Cockpit: 83x46cm / 33”x18"


1 year
Front hatch: 44x26cm / 17,6”x10,4"