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Kajak KingFisher
Kajak KingFisher
Kajak KingFisher
Kajak KingFisher
Kajak KingFisher
Kajak KingFisher
Kajak KingFisher
Kajak KingFisher
Kajak KingFisher

Kajak KingFisher

Point 65°N
355.990 kr
266.993 kr
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KingFisher er fjölhæfur sit-on-top veiðikajak með pedaladrifi sem valmöguleika. Einfalt að flytja kajakinn þar sem hægt er að taka hann í sundur og kemst í skottin á flestum bílum. Með Snap-Tap hönnuninni er ofur einfalt að skella saman kajakanum. KingFisher kajakinn er virkilega stöðugur, öruggur og sterkur veiðikajak. Rúmlega 3m langur samsettur og hámarksburðargeta er 130kg. Og vegur hver einning um 15kg en heildar þyngd er 33kg með sæti.

Sætið er stillanlegt. 

Hægt er að bæta við Impulse pedaladrifi 105.990kr


The KingFisher has what no other fishing kayak has:

  • Fast and smooth paddling while keeping stability thanks to the trimaran hull.
  • Ease of transport and storage thanks to the modular design.

Maverick kayak designer Magnus DeBrito worked on the problems with owning a large fishing kayak and found the answers...

STABILITY AND PERFORMANCE - The KingFisher is probably the fastest fishing kayak out there while still being stable enough for confident stand-up fishing. 

It has a sleek 79cm beam - most fishing kayaks are 90cm wide. Thanks to the KingFisher's modern trimaran hull, it's faster & more nimble, while being easier to carry, transport and store without compromising on stability. 

The KingFisher is more than just stable - it's incredibly well balanced and standing up to fish is a walk in the park. Whether you're paddling to your favourite secret fishing spot or exploring new territory, the KingFisher's incredible speed and tracking capabilities will come in handy to get most out of your excursion. The KingFisher comes equipped for fishing in calm waters. For use in rough water on open water equip the craft accordingly.



PORTABILITY - Another great challenge was solving the weight problem. If you ́ve ever tried heaving a fishing kayak up onto the roof of your car, you know the feeling. They are just too heavy and cumbersome. Until now. Point 65’s proven, patented, Snap-Tap modular system, allows the kayak to snap apart into two, manageable sections that fit inside most cars. The process of snapping it apart takes only a couple of seconds, and assembly is just as quick!

The Point 65 modular Snap-Tap™ system, introduced in 2009, has been successfully applied to a number of Point 65 kayak models. It has sold in the tens of thousands all around the world by some of the most reputable outdoor and paddle sport-retailers —Already a proven success!

Carrying half a kayak is twice as easy —and it fits inside most cars. Not only that, you can store it under your bed, get it upstairs in the elevator, and even check it in when flying.

IS THERE MORE? Yes! The KingFisher also features a huge carrying capacity with the ability to take a full load of gear, provisions and any size of paddler.

THE KINGFISHER GAME CHAIR. Featuring one of the most comfortable seats on the kayak fishing market, the KingFisher Game Chair offers a variety of settings to give you a comfortable and effective paddling position.

The super comfy KingFisher Game Chair, in combination with the kayak ́s world-class stability, speed, and logical accessory positioning, makes the KingFisher a great platform for fishing of all kinds and a serious fishing machine.

POWERED BY ARMS, LEGS OR MOTOR - While the KingFisher’s sleek trimaran hull is easily propelled by traditional paddle strokes and using the good old double-bladed kayak paddle is still an extremely effective way of moving across great expanses of rough water, you might want your arms and hands-free for fishing.

LEGS - THE IMPULSEDRIVE PEDAL SYSTEM - The optional ImpulseDrive easily pops into its slot in the kayak and effectively propels you forward and backward using leg power. The pedal drive unit is extremely lightweight, durable & easy to use. It’s one of the few pedal driven units on the market that can be driven both forward and in reverse. With your largest muscle group in play, kayak fishing becomes effortless and more efficient than ever.


  • Modular take-a-part
  • Trimaran hull
  • Dual rudders
  • Optional ImpulseDrive
  • 2 large storage hatches
  • Multiple 3rd market compatible attachment rails and bars
  • GameChair
  • Multiple RodPa