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Point 65°N

Sæti í Sit-On-Top kajak

Sæti í Sit-On-Top kajak

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Sæti í sit-on-top kajak. 

The Tequila! GTX AIRSeat is easily clicked onto the D-rings of the Tequila! GTX as well as the Rum Runner SUP. The seat is adjustable as well as inflatable in the lower back for additional comfort and support. The function is controlled by a handpump.
Important note on compatibility:
Tequila! GTX AIRSeat is only compatible with the GTX-version of the Tequila! The GTX-version is equipped with the D-rings required to attach the seat. Point 65 does not supply the D-rings and fitting-kit for retrofitting.
This product will fit ALL Point 65 Rum Runners.

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