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Snorkel sett Visionflex

Snorkel sett Visionflex

Aqua Lung
9.790 kr
9.790 kr
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VisionFlex Mask: Frameless construction, New bi-color silicone technology

Tempered glass, slanted lens, wide field of vision, new Quick-Fit buckle system

Air flex purge LX: anatomic silicone mouthpiece regular

Ultra purge silicone valve, flexible corrugate tube zone

Easy and quick fix clip, splash guard with purge channel

Imported from USA

Goggles with separate eye-pieces, characterized by the presence of an elastic element Within Which the structure allows 
for perfect adaptability to a large number of facial profiles. Slightly curved lenses are on the outer profile, offering 
maximum visibility. Shatterproof lenses with scratchproof treatment and UV protection, as well as internal anti-fogging 
treatment. Indestructible, micrometrically adjustable buckles. Instantly Possibility of Replacing the buckle-strap 
structure with other models from the Cressi range.