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Bátur Kontra 400R björgunarsveit m/kerru

Bátur Kontra 400R björgunarsveit m/kerru


Verð 1.590.000kr
Verð Útsöluverð 1.590.000kr
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Kontra 400R

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Technical data:

  • The boat is CE certified by Polish Registry Office (PRS) for C/D categories;
  • Capacity: C-4 /D-8;
  • Total length: 4.00 m;
  • External width: 1.60 m;
  • Height: 0.79 m;
  • Length in waterline: 3.15 m;
  • Width in waterline: 1.50 m;
  • Freeboard at the max load limit: C=0.55m/D=0.35m;
  • Weight: 153kg;
  • Max capacity: C=436kg / D=764kg;
  • Max engine power: 40HP
  • Hull material: LDPE;
  • Hull construction: 2-sections closed;
  • Technology –rotation moulding.

Kontra 400 is a modern multi-purpose polyethylene boat intended for recreation and rescue. The unique structure of the hull ensures stability and maneuverability. Thanks to its double-shell structure it is safe and the boat made of polyethylene ensures durability.


Basic equipment

steel railing7 bow
locker steel transom
two stern cleats
bilge plug


Optional accessories

Additional equipment:
side lockers
fishing chair
anchor windlass
semi-bakista for the fuel tank / battery
paddles / oars
fishing rod stand
fishing rod holder
fold-out aft ladder
bimini top
helmsman's seat
passenger seat  
a tiller with a steering wheel, transmission, steering, dual-action throttle, cables
navigation frame with a holder for a lifebuoy, buoy and other specialist equipment

Detailed description

KONTRA 400 is a modern multi-purpose boat made of polyethylene. It is intended for recreational and rescue purposes. It can be used for inland navigation (according to PRS classification - category D) and coastal shipping (according to PRS classification - category C). It can also be used in hard-to-reach areas - floodplain, as a supporting boat in rescue operations. Counter 400 is bought both by fishermen, recreational equipment rentals at holiday resorts, individuals and Volunteer Fire Brigades.

Polyethylene is a material completely resistant to weather conditions, it does not absorb water, it is very durable even at low temperatures, which exceeds other materials - such as polyester resins, PVC or wood. Especially high impact strength means that a boat made of this material will not be damaged when hitting the shore or stones on the bottom. Boats made of polyethylene do not need to be painted or maintained, so even with intensive use, they remain operational for a long time.

Polyethylene itself is lighter than water, and additionally the boat is double-skinned (double bottom) and has many displacement chambers. The combination of a V-type hull with side floats, like in a catamaran, provides the boat with stability, as well as speed and maneuverability. Even if the boat capsizes, one or two shells are punctured and completely filled with water, the boat stays afloat and the crew has a safe footing all the time.


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