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Eyrnatappar Putty Buddies

Eyrnatappar Putty Buddies

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Putty Buddies® floating earplugs - The world's only soft moldable silicone floating earplugs!

  • Physician recommended for prevention of swimmer's ear or kids with ear tubes.
  • Unique, patented Flo-Tek® formula. The only ready-to-wear, moldable silicone earplug that floats on water.
  • Super soft for extreme comfort.
  • Tacky texture helps them stay in place.
  • Each pair lasts up to 2 weeks or more.
  • Use with Ear Band-It® headbands for the best protection.

Neon Colors available: Blue, Hot Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Tan.

Putty Buddies® come in their own plastic carrying case.

Why Putty Buddies®?

BLOCK water during ANY water activity

Help prevent ear infections and swimmer's ear

Keep ear plugs in place

Alternative to expensive and uncomfortable custom ear molds

Who Should Use Putty Buddies®?

Children with ear tubes

Adults who do not like water in their ears
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