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Hálsmál sílikon
Hálsmál sílikon
Hálsmál sílikon

Hálsmál sílikon

4.995 kr
4.995 kr
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  • Silicone
  • 100 % UV and ozone resistant
  • 40 % better stretch than latex
  • No latex allergy
  • Fits Modular Quick Change Solutions
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Quick and easy replacement
  • Interior glide coating
  • Two sizes: Small and Standard
  • * the measurements can not be directly compared to latex because the silicone is different in flexiblity.

  • Two colours: Black and Cyan blue

Silicone Wrist Seals are constructed from hypoallergenicic silicone that have 40 % better stretch and offer enhanced comfort compared to latex seals. Divers with latex allergies can dive carefree, knowing that the seals are non-allergenic. The seals are durable and resistant to degradation by UV light, ozone or chemicals. The elasticity makes donning the suit much easier and it seals with your skin more effectively. Since the pressure is lower on the wrists your hands will stay warmer.

Available in two sizes: Small and Standard.

Available in two colours: Black and Cyan blue.

Note! Silicone seals can not be glued to the suit and must be installed with a Modular Quick Change Solution.

Note! Wrist seals are sold by piece (not pairs).