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Halo A°R Hanskar

Halo A°R Hanskar

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Incorporating highly advanced thermal technology and one of the most insulating materials ever developed, the HALO A°R glove's performance exceeds expectations of any diving glove liner.

Using technology originally created for space exploration and cryogenics, the HALO A°R gloves feature the extreme insulation material A°RGON™ aerogel in a compression resistant matrix.

A°RGON™ is a form of Aerogel developed for insulation in space crafts and cryogenics due to its superior insulation properties. Traditionally this material is created by removing the liquid from a gel and replacing it with air, which creates a lightweight, hollow and flexible structure. When we tested it more than 10 years ago it crushed and disintegrated. A°RGON™ is a foam embedded version of this which allows it to function in a diving context.

With phenomenal insulation properties, this material enables the HALO A°R gloves to achieve extreme thermal protection from a thinner, less buoyant diving glove. With a wind and water-repellent stretch outer layer, this is a glove which can be worn in total comfort, all day.

A°RGON™ insulation is placed throughout the glove for enhanced insulation without compromising mobility or creating bulk.

A°RGON™ - extreme performance thermal insulation High performance low bulk Optimised for horizontal trim Exceptional warmth Water-repellent outer layer 4-way stretch fabric for snug fit Machine washable

Outer: 44% Nylon / 50% Polyester / 6% Elastane Inner: 95% Polyester (74% recycled) / 5% Elastane / A°RGON™ Insulation Machine washable.

The HALO A°R gloves were developed to be used essentially as ‘glove liners’ for your outer drysuit glove – so they are worn beneath the outer rubber glove, staying dry and doing the job of keeping your hands toasty during a drysuit dive.

They can also be used in many other scenarios including hiking, ski-ing, effectively anytime that you want to keep your hands warm!


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