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Köfunargríma Seeker

Köfunargríma Seeker

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Verð 18.590 kr
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The Seeker mask was designed with two main objectives: maximise the diver’s field of vision to be as close as possible to the experience of not wearing a mask using a single lens and to fit everyone – well, nearly everyone. New facial geometry was combined with a soft silicone skirt to provide an outstanding and comfortable fit.

Ítarlegar upplýsingar

The low volume design allows easy equalisation and mask clearing as well as creating a visual experience which is wider and brighter than ever before – with a near natural field of vision.
Near-natural field of vision
Universal fit
Unique facial geometry ensures low volume with excellent fit
Two lens options - Clarity and Contrast
Optimal comfort with a soft silicone face seal that moulds to your face
Stylish moulded fourth element logo
Compatible with our fourth element recycled elastic straps
Durable protection and easy storage with a low profile case

Umhirða og efni

Lense: Toughened Glass
Main body: Silicone
Case: EVA
Do not use abrasive mask / lens cleaner on masks with tinted or coated lenses

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