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Vasaljós LED 150LM

Vasaljós LED 150LM

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Köfunarljós með 150lúmen LED.

Flo Orange coloured Spellbound Triple-Action 150 Lumens Twin-Level LED Torch and Mega High Intensity flashing strobe light. Super Bright 1 Watt LED torch, lowered to a reduced brightness with a simple flick of the Multi-Function switch and turned into an intensive Fast Flashing S.O.S. Strobe with one more swift flick of the switch. Measures approximately 12 CMS long and a maximum of 4cms in diameter and weighs only 101 Grammes without battery, perfect for storing in a Diving BCD Pocket or any other suitable location. The 150 Lumen LED has a burn time of between 4 and 8 hours. Powered by either a single 18650 Lithium battery or 3 ‘AAA’ size standard or re-chargeable battery cells, which are not supplied, these are easily installed or exchanged in the triple sealed battery compartment. Supplied with an adjustable strong wrist lanyard, with nylon cord lock for additional security and optional quick release Snap Clip. A super neat and compact RoHS Compliant Multi Functional Torch, waterproof to a depth of 50 Metres, manufactured from corrosion resistant high quality ABS and marine grade stainless steel.


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