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Móðueyðir fyrir grímur

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McNett Gear Aid Goggle Bright provides high performance anti-fogging in a convenient pump spray. The unique non-toxic and alcohol free gel formula provides powerful and long lasting crystal clear vision on all types of swimming goggles. Goggle Bright is also suitable as a general anti-fog and lens cleaner for glasses, snow skiing goggles, hockey masks, paintball goggles, telescopes, night vision goggles, motorcycling goggles, binoculars, camera housings etc. Goggles fogging results from warm humid air inside the Goggles meeting a lens surface cooled by water. Warmer air is capable of holding more water vapor (water in gas form) than cooler air. Therefore, when air is cooled, a portion of its water vapor condenses into tiny liquid droplets, or “fog”. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a small amount of Goggle Bright, buff with a soft, dry cloth until clean, then rinse thoroughly in fresh water and allow to dry.


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