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SOT GTX loft sæti

SOT GTX loft sæti

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You'll never want to leave the cockpit once you've fitted the Point 65 AIR-Seat in your kayak.

ERGONOMICALLY designed with pneumatically adjustable leg-lifter, hip bads, and backrest. First introduced for the XO GTE models and has gradually been extended to more models and is now available as a separate item for retro-fitting into other kayaks or Point 65 kayaks with a standard seat.

THE AIR TECHNOLOGYgives you an extremely comfortable and perfectly adjustable seating position. 

 are made of highly durable, comfortable, dark-grey, honeycomb patterned 4-way stretch Ripstop and a mesh-like fabric which is laminated and molded over EVA quick-dry foam which makes it almost unaffected by water and allows for many hours of comfy paddling no matter what the weather conditions are.

THE REVOLUTIONARY Point 65 AIR-Seat is not only remarkably comfortable, it is also a high-performance seat that does not inhibit the paddler's movement, helping instead to find the perfect paddling position.

The seat comes with "mounting-ears" which are L-shaped plastic parts that are fitted to your kayak in order to mount the seat. You will need a cockpit at least 48cm wide on the inside.

The Point 65 AIR-Seat fits in below Point 65 model:
Five-o-Five, Jack, Raider, Buccaneer, XO11, XO13, XO16, XO17, Cappuccino, SeaCrusier, SeaRover.

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