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Splash About

Barna sundkútur m/sæti 0-1árs

Barna sundkútur m/sæti 0-1árs

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With the Swim Safe Premium Baby Swim Support (Step A) young toddlers and babies can get to grips with the water and gain confidence splashing about with parental supervision.

Nothing can cause quite such mixed reaction amongst kids as learning to swim. Some are naturals others need a little more persuasion to take the plunge - this Swim Support is a great way to get them started at a young age!

Featuring a secure seat position and an inflatable back rest to support your child, babies have plenty of space to move meaning they can learn to kick and propel themselves using their legs whilst being kept well afloat by 3 air chambers for added buoyancy and durability.

Key Features

Securely designed baby seat
First steps in learning to swim
3 air chambers for added buoyancy
Suitable for ages 0-1 Years
Repair patch included
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