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Þrýstimælir 2010 (2KGO)

Þrýstimælir 2010 (2KGO)

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Product Description

The Miflex Thin-Line Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) is an extremely compact cylinder pressure gauge incorporating a safety-pin-type tube and a gear mechanism, which provides outstanding accuracy and durability.

The clear and bright phosphorescent dial face provides excellent readability, also in demanding conditions.

The Miflex submersible pressure gauge is suitable for up to 300 bar cylinders and has a 400 bar maximum value display. The colour coding on the dial is red screened from 0 to 50 bar for reserve air. Numerical pressure increments are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 bar with 20 bar increment indicators.

This submersible pressure gauge has a one piece brass body with a Lexan/polycarbonate transparent window. It has standard 7/16" UNF threaded fitting compliant with the ISO 263 standard for connection with demand controls (regulators). The pressure gauge is a Category III device as defined under European Directive 89/686/CEE, and complies with the specifications set out in the European Standard EN 250/2000. This SPG has been tested and CE certified by Registered Test Centre #0426 in Italy.

Miflex Thin-Line Brass SPG Features:

  • Compact and thin, high-quality submersible pressure gauge (SPG)
  • Nickel plated brass single-cast case
  • Durable, Lexan chip-resistant dial with gasket
  • Ready to mount directly to high pressure hose
  • Fluorescent dial with reserve indicator
  • Wide 270° sweep from 0 to 400 bar
  • Bright, white face - easy to read
  • HP hose is not included
  • Manufactured by Termoindustria in Italy

Diameter: 50 mm
Width: 17.5 mm

Please note: High pressure (HP) hose and swivel-pin air-spool not included. If attaching this SPG to a HP hose, you'll need a swivel-pin airspool with standard shoulder design and standard or Viton O-Rings.

Accuracy: The guaranteed accuracy of the pressure measurement is:
at 50 bar ± 5 bar
at 100 bar ± 10 bar
at 200 bar ± 10 bar
at 300 bar ± 15 bar
Connecting port airflow: <100 litres/min. at a pressure of 100 bar.


After use, it is recommended to rinse the instrument in fresh water while it is still assembled on the regulator, to prevent water from penetrating inside the hose.

Allow to air dry, and then put the instrument away, taking care to replace the special protection cap on the hose threading. The instrument should be stored in a dry place, protected from heat sources and direct light, without bending the hose too tightly (minimum bend radius 20 cm).

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