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Sea Horse SAR Gore-Tex

Sea Horse SAR Gore-Tex


The non insulated Ursuit® Sea Horse SAR (5020II) is designed for heavy professional use. It has been chosen by the defence forces, border guards, sea rescue associations, and merchant vessels in several European countries. Especially for open sea conditions it has proved to be by far the best of immersion suits. Material is Gore-Tex® fabric based upon the ePTFE membrane, which lets vapour penetrate but which is completely watertight. Seam construction: double seams so that the seam will not open even when worn. Inside the seams are heat seal taped and reinforced to be 100 % watertight. Dry zipper opens from the right hip up to the left shoulder. The position of the zipper as well as its opening direction minimise the disadvantages of a zipper when sitting and moving around. Integrated suspenders keep the trouser part up at the same time as the crotch strap keeps the upper part down. Thanks to the telescope design the trousers do not fall down in the way they may do in a one piece overall. Persons of different height can use the same suit without the ergonomic features being weakened. Neck seal is patterned 2,5 mm super stretch neoprene. For easy dressing, the patterned rubber surface is on the outside. Wrist seals are super stretch neoprene, easy to dress and undress. The neoprene also keeps you warm in cold conditions.

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