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Vinnuljós Powerdisc með þrífót

Vinnuljós Powerdisc með þrífót

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Verð 295.990 kr
Verð Útsöluverð 295.990 kr

The new POWERMOON® POWERDISK with 300W LED and a
weight of only 7lbs is the smallest superbright led light for illumination of smaller areas or rooms.
Forget about uncomfortable flashlights or old conventional
blinding and hot light projectors. The POWERDISK will create
the most comfortable work or leisure environment with its cool
and glare-free LED technology.Uses of the light are limitless,
ranging from interior work such as plastering and painting to
evening road works and construction sites.
Light up your barbecue evenings, outdoor events, hiking or
sporting events with 360 ​​° daylight quality lighting. 

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